The seasons & the weather

These are some of the resources we use in our children classes but you’ll find they are also very helpful for adults too. Diviertanse! – Have fun!

The seasons and the weather (from Basho & friends)





The weather (from





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Song: El oso

El oso – the bear (a song we have been working with in our classes this week to practise Preterite and Imperfect). Suitable for children too.

Can you retell the story of this animal? How did he feel in those moments in his life? What happened?

From Moris, Antonio Birabent

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Un Tallarin… one spaghetti (first song only)

Las frutas – the fruit

Go to to listen to our favourite song about fruit.





El twist de los aliementos: the food twist

Las verduras – the vegetales


A mi mono le gusta la lechuga

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Seasons: the winter

Las estaciones: el invierno

Hace frio en Christchurch ahora! – It’s cold in Christchurch now.

Yo tengo frio! – I am cold

Escucha la cancion y dibujate sintiendo frio,  te gusta el frio? Que prefieres, el frio o el calor?
Listen to the song and draw yourself feeling cold, do you like the cold? Do you prefer the summer or the winter?


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Listen to this songs and find out about feelings in Spanish here… 

¿Cómo estás?

(yo) Estoy contento – I’m happy

(yo) Estoy triste – I’m sad

(yo) Tengo frío – I’m cold

(yo) Tengo calor – I’m hot

(yo) Soy pequeño – I’m small

(yo) Soy grande – I’m big

(yo) Tengo hambre – I’m hungry

(yo) Tengo sed – I’m thirsty

(yo) Tengo miedo – I’m scared

(yo) Tengo sueño – I’m sleepy

If you are asking someone, you will be using… (second person singular Tú – you)

Tienes frío? – Are you cold?

Eres grande o pequeño? – Are you big or small?

Watch these extracts and say how they feel (you can imagine you are pretending to be them so you are using the first person singular Yo – I)

The hapinness song: La cancion de la felicidad

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